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Shop Local has as of February 2017 Partnered with over

11,000 small businesses across the United States.

We are driving customers to our Partnered Businesses

Using the Shop Local Program, Shop Local App, One to One marketing and Email Campaigns

At On Fire Digital Marketing we have a goal of helping small businesses expand customer reach, increase sales and reduce business costs to add to the bottom line. We are doing this by using the Shop.com platform and their Shop Local program. Shop.com is the #59 Internet Retailer Worldwide. With the Shop Local program and the Shop Local push notifications on mobile devices we are driving traffic to local businesses. This is at no cost to the local business until we complete a sale and even then the cost for that sale is dictated by the merchant. We are also adding to the bottom line of Local business owners by reducing the costs of supplies and services. We are doing this through the Shop.com platform where we are partnered with over 3500 name brand stores like Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot and the distributors who supply these stores with their products. Products like copy paper, printer ink, cleaning supplies, electronics, light bulbs and paper supplies can be found at a better price and these stores will pay you a portion of your business in Cash Back which goes to the bottom line for increased profits. This is what we refer to as a Shopping Annuity, where we convert spending into earning.

 We also have a customer base that we show how to buy the things they are already buying from the stores they are already purchasing from for a cheaper price and cash back. This is a no cost program as well and every customer has a Shopping Annuity. We are the only company in the world that has a Shopping Annuity that converts spending into earning. We are revolutionizing the way people shop with the Uberization of Shopping.


Shop.com a Brand you can TRUST
A+ BBB Rating

Torch Awarded by the BBB for Trust, Performance and Integrity

#59 Internet Retailer Worldwide



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